Sherry Uncovered

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Beltrán Domecq is a descendant of a long line of Sherry and Brandy de Jerez producers.  He is a Chemist and Oenologist and has worked in the wine business, especially in the Sherry business, practically all of his life.  He is the President of the  Regulatory Board (Consejo Regulador) of Sherry Wines and  is the grantee of the Royal Warrant of Queen Elizabeth II for Domecq and Harveys Sherries.


This book is available in English and in Spanish and I have read it in both languages.  With a very informative discussion regarding the technical aspects of Sherry production, the story of his experiences while growing up in the Sherry world, and the every day life in the bodegas, is  fascinating.  We share, today, just one recipe but there are many more in his book to enjoy as pairings with the different types of Sherry Wines.   For us translators, the book includes a helpful and interesting bodega glossary of specialized terms that have been used throughout the centuries. Beltrán Domecq.

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